Re: Adding Passim as a Fedora 40 feature?

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Le samedi 26 août 2023 à 15:14 +0100, Peter Robinson a écrit :
> In a lot of corporate datacentre networks the "users" on the network
> would know what the network is comprised of, and often on these
> networks they will have 10s, 100s of even 1000s of identical devices
> where being able to do sharing of the same firmware is useful. Maybe
> make that configurable so the network/system admin can make the
> decision for what's best for their usecase?

This king of corporate datacenter network will proxy system downloads
(more to detect attacks than to save any bandwidth), they won’t benefit
at all from domain-specific download sharing. (Unless the original
source plays cdn games that breaks proxying that is)


Nicolas Mailhot
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