Re: Adding Passim as a Fedora 40 feature?

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Hi Richard,

On 25.08.23 19:24, Richard Hughes wrote:
So that's the thing; if it's default disabled then I can say with
certainty that almost nobody will use it and we won't see any
reduction in network traffic at all.

I fully agree with that assessment. "Here's a knob you turn that has the potential to make your firmware update 2s faster and is generally good for the ecosystem, but you will have set it on every machine you set up" will not lead to significant deployment.

Question: I presume you only want to share the metadata, and never downloaded fw images, right? If that's the case, it'd alleviate a lot of the privacy concerns I'd have with my laptop sharing with a campus network all of the devices for which I've lately downloaded firmware.

Can I suggest we make this at most a "Recommends:" dependence for fwupd in any case, so that one might uninstall passim without disabling fwupd?

I'm wondering a bit whether you might be reinventing something that the cloud ops folks already have as "service recovery compatible cache" or something? Feels like if I pull up a lot of docker containers which in turn start fetching data, I'd want to have a happy fallover mechanism in case some main repository for some artifacts goes down.

Or, maybe, this is a common problem?
I, for one, find myself working with mock and on containers for my small CI network, and I get to download a lot of package metadata a lot of times, same for packages, and I don't want to modify the base layers to use my local repo mirror (not am I inclined to set up such). I'd actually love if I knew of a way my fedora containers could automagically find local package and metadata sources. Knowing that "change dnf to pull data from mDNS-announced sources *by default*" is a big change, flying the fwupd balloon first seems very attractive to me.

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