Adding Passim as a Fedora 40 feature?

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Hi all,

I was thinking of adding Passim as a default-installed and
default-enabled dep of fwupd in the Fedora 40 release. Before I create
lots of unnecessary drama, is there any early feedback on what's
described in

The tl;dr: is I want to add a mDNS server that reshares the public
firmware update metadata from the LVFS on your LAN. The idea is that
rather than 25 users in an office downloading the same ~2MB file from
the CDN every day, the first downloads from the CDN and the other 24
download from the first machine. All machines still download the
[tiny] jcat file from the CDN still so we know the SHA256 to search
for and verify.

The backstory is that as the fwupd grows and grows (to ChromeOS,
FreeBSD, Windows and macOS) we need to scale things up a couple of
orders of magnitude. This isn't specific to firmware stuff, although I
think it makes a great testcase which we could add dnf or ostree
content to in the future. Comments and questions are most welcome.

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