Re: Adding Passim as a Fedora 40 feature?

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Richard Hughes wrote:
> I was thinking of adding Passim as a default-installed and
> default-enabled dep of fwupd in the Fedora 40 release. Before I create
> lots of unnecessary drama, is there any early feedback on what's
> described in
> please.

I finally read the README, and, oh geez, this thing is even documented
as assuming a friendly network! And it's being proposed to be enabled
by default, which means it will run on laptops that move around between
cafés, hotels, airports and all the hostile environments anyone can

The document doesn't say what design decisions were made based on the
assumption of a friendly network. All of those design decisions need to
be reconsidered with the assumption that there are attackers on the LAN
who will abuse Passim any way they can, and that Passim must deal
reasonably with any and all attacks.

Björn Persson

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