Re: Inquiry Regarding OpenSSL 3.0 Support for Cyrus Sasl - 2.1.28

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Dear Noah,

Thank you for the update on the successful build of Cyrus SASL against OpenSSL 3.2. We appreciate your efforts in ensuring compatibility and stability.

Regarding our requirements, we specifically need to confirm compatibility with OpenSSL 3.0. Could you please verify if the current build is compliant with OpenSSL 3.0? If not, would it be feasible for you to work on adapting the build for compatibility with OpenSSL 3.0?

Moreover, we're interested in understanding the code changes made for OpenSSL 3.2 integration with SASL. Could you kindly share any relevant code modifications or updates made for this integration? Having access to this information would greatly assist our evaluation process.

Your assistance in addressing these queries would be immensely helpful.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Madhu Krishna

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