Re: Inquiry Regarding OpenSSL 3.0 Support for Cyrus Sasl - 2.1.28

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Hi Jered,

Thank you for your prompt response and the valuable information provided. I have thoroughly examined the suggested source repository and the specific commit you mentioned:

Upon closer inspection, I observed that the OpenSSL 3.0 code changes are primarily concentrated in the following files:

  1. plugins/digestmd5.c
  3. cyrus-sasl.spec

Additionally, in the course of my investigation, I identified deprecated APIs in the following files:

  1. ./plugins/srp.c
    • HMAC_CTX_free
    • HMAC_CTX_new
    • HMAC_Init_ex
    • HMAC_Update
    • HMAC_Final
  2. ./plugins/passdss.c
    • DSA_new
    • DSA_free
    • DH_size
    • DH_compute_key
    • DSA_do_verify
    • HMAC_Init_ex
    • HMAC_Update
    • HMAC_Final
    • DH_new
    • DH_generate_key
    • DSA_generate_key
    • DSA_do_sign
  3. ./plugins/ntlm.c
    • HMAC_CTX_new
    • HMAC_CTX_reset
    • HMAC_Init_ex
    • HMAC_Update
    • HMAC_Final
    • HMAC_CTX_free
    • DES_set_odd_parity
    • DES_set_key
    • DES_ecb_encrypt

Moreover, during the integration process for the above files, I encountered an error related to an undefined symbol. This issue arises because these APIs are deprecated in OpenSSL 3.0.


Given these findings, I would like to seek your guidance on the next steps. Specifically, do you have any insights or recommendations regarding the resolution of the undefined symbol issue?

I appreciate your continued assistance and look forward to your insights.



Madhu Krishna

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