[BLD] Xlob Programming Detecting Change in A Window

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As my futter states I am developing a program to make X accessible for
users with bad vision.  

I have got it tracking the mouse but I would like it to track the focas of
key entrys as well.

E.g a user starts a shell in X and starts typing commands.  The
BlindPenguin should detect the changes and move to the appropriate X and Y
position.  I know how to get it to move to the appropriate position but I
don't know how to get it to detect change in a window that has no
relationship to the BlindPenguin window.

If anyone wants the source it will be up on the web shortly or just ask
and I will send it to you.

Name:    Kieran O' Sullivan

Project: BlindPenguin - access to X for users with sight problems.

Web:     http://snet.wit.ie/BlindPenguin


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