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Hi list,

I've been lerking for about the past year and learning a lot of C and C++
and reading a lot of manuals.  I'm about 2/3rds of the way to having a
functional screen reader written (text mode only), but I need help and I
haven't been able to find the answers I'm looking for in the docs.

What I want to know is this.  Is there a simple way to take control of the
console when a sertain key is pressed?  I've found very little documentation
about that sort of thing that I actually understand.  I think it is
necessary for me to be able to monitor what the user is doing in order to
provide cursor tracking and screen review functions.  So, any ideas?

Would anyone be willing to look at my code to see if I'm on the right track?
The screen reading part works, at least on my system, but its pretty useless
until I find a way to control it.


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