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On Tue, 25 Jan 2000, Kieran O' Sullivan wrote:

You can do that by doing a pointer grab (XGrabPointer) to force the
server to send all mouse events to your prog. The problem is that only
your program will receive these events, making it impossible to interact
with programs while running your zoom app. Another way, which is how xeyes
does it, is byquerying the mouse position every n milliseconds. 


i> Hi everyone
> I am modifying the source code of xzoom - which was written using the low
> level Xlib functions - as part of a final year project.
> The problem is that I can't get it to track the Pointer outside its own
> window.  When the Pointer is inside the xzoom window it tracks it very
> well.
> I know that it is possible to track the mouse no matter where it moves 
> because xeyes does it, but I can't figure out how it does it, even after
> looking at the source code.
> If anyone has any suggestions as to how I could track the mouse no matter
> where it moves on the screen I would love to hear them.  
> Moere details can on the project can be found at
> PS If you want the source for xeyes I will send it to you.
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