Re: Disk authentication required to start up???

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On Thu, 2021-04-01 at 10:14 +0100, Mark @ GMail wrote:
> Thanks for that Patrick. It's about time I did a clean install, there
> are various niggly problems that it might fix so I'll tyr to do that
> when F34 arrives. Is BTRFS such a good thing it's worth converting
> before then?

[Note that on mailing lists it´s conventional to quote the relevant
part of the message you are replying to]

That´s up to you, but if you´re going to do a clean install, there may
be no point in converting to BTRFS first. Just back up everything and
install F34 with the defaults when it arrives. Shouldn´t be too long
now. That will get you BTRFS out of the box, though the installer might
ask you, I forget.

Is it a Good Thing(tm)? IMHO it is now that Fedora is supporting it
officially, but this being Linux you´ll get all sorts of opinions. I
particularly like being able to define subvolumes with different
properties, configure some types of RAID without having to learn about
MD (though that ship has sailed in my case :-) and have BTRFS checksum
my data transparently. Compression might also be attractive for some
people though I don´t currently use it.

> PS By coincidence I found my conversation about Dolphin last time,
> and it was you helping me then too, so double thank you.

Glad to be of help.

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