Re: Disk authentication required to start up???

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> I see you're using LVM (/dev/mapper), so I'm guessing your F33 was
> not
> a fresh install but an upgrade. F33 installs on BTRFS by default, and
> come to think of since I switched to BTRFS I'm fairly sure I haven't
> seen this problem. That might be a red herring of course.

Yes, upgrades for a long time now. I've only just found a way to do a
clean install and then restore all my applications. I've not yet found
the courage to try it :-)
Perhaps F34

> Dolphin is part of KDE, not Gnome. The Gnome equivalent is Nautilus.
> Do you have the "Restore Manually Saved Session" option set (under
> Desktop Session in KDE Settings)? If you save a session with Dolphin
> running, it will restart when you log in.
> Alternatively, check Autostart (under Workspace in Settings).

Errr, oh really? Thanks. I might've known that :-/
I've tried to remove it a few times, with some success. It's not in
autostart, and I have "Restore previous session" set for login. I seem
to remember that was the problem. Of course anything that loads Dolphin
then causes it to persist into my next session. I don't remember what
it was that likes to load it. But will/could it then mount this volume

I s'pose the better option is to go to BTRFS. I read the blurb about it
when they announced it would become the default and it seemed riskier
than not changing something that's been working, but I expect I should
do that.

Many thanks

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