Re: Disk authentication required to start up???

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> I meant the / filesystem .
> No need to umount anything. When you reboot provide the password to
> the 
> mount pop-up and then go to Konsole and run "sudo df -h". Reboot
> again 
> and do the same thing without entering the password . Is the output
> of "sudo df -h" any different?

Oh, ok, yes, I can do that 8-)
I'm definitely short on system knowledge, sorry.

Yes, in fact there is a difference, and a relevant one.

*With* the password an extra mount does show up, it says

/dev/sda1                 477M  155M  293M  35% /run/media/mark/Boot

Guessing about this, presumably it *has* been mounted and used. If so,
why is it complaining that a password is needed and *not* including it
in the mount list if it doesn't get it?


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