Re: Disk authentication required to start up???

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On Wed, 2021-03-31 at 13:53 +0100, Mark @ GMail wrote:
> > It's not that difficult if you have a proper backup. I did it for
> > F33
> > after using upgrades for many years, and am happy with the result.
> Really? I'm not (just) talking about application data, which will all
> be in my home directory, but actually installing non-core apps. I've
> got a shedload of them installed and don't want to spend hours re-
> installing. Is that within the "not difficult"? If so, how does that
> work?

To a first approximation (and relying on my  memory):

Make a list of installed apps: rpm -qa > LIST
Copy LIST to a safe place.
Install (or re-install) Fedora using BTRFS.
Restore user data from backups. Also of course /etc/yum.d/* plus
/usr/local and /opt if you use them.
Install the apps: dnf install $(cat LIST) [may require several
iterations if there are dependency errors]

I did this because I actually wanted a clean install and was starting
from F32. As you already have F33 it may not be strictly necessary as
you can convert ext4 to BTRFS in-place. See btrfs-convert(1).

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