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Le vendredi 30 juillet 2010 à 13:18 -0400, TK009 a écrit :
> I like the fonts and have packaged them for myself already. I didn't
> think they could be packaged do to conflicting licenses. If they can
> be packaged as is, I am all for that, I didn't believe they could be
> without creator intervention. Regarding the emails I sent, I am very
> far from a zealot so I included no freetardiness in them. I was very
> polite and respectful.

I didn't say you were, it's just known GUST people tend to react badly
to anything that smells like GPL-ism :(

> If they can be packaged as is I will gladly package them up.

The Gyre fonts should be license-clean now (they got URW to relicense
the original URW donation under their preferred license last year, and
dropped the bits that were contributed under the GPL to the ghostscript

See for example the first block of :

For other GUST fonts, not part of the Gyre collection, you can ask me or
spot. IIRC they are not all released under the same licence and some of
them are OK, others not.

Please package the OTF versions and do one package per font in TEX Gyre
(not one huge TEX Gyre srpm).

>  Let me
> know. If they can not, then imho they should be removed from the wish
> list. There is no reason to bow down to anyone and this creator has
> reached that line.


Nicolas Mailhot

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