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Le vendredi 30 juillet 2010 à 09:45 +0100, Paul Flo Williams a écrit :
> TK009 wrote:
> > While looking for some other fonts to package I noticed that all the
> > LG Oski fonts are "All rights reserved" in the font metadata. I didn't
> > look at any of the other LG fonts. As the fonts wish list page says
> > GPL3 I was a bit confused.
> >
> > More additions to the retirement page?
> Hmm, there definitely seems to be a discrepancy between the wish list
> pages and the original website and fonts here.
> I can't see any reference to the license terms on the website. It simply
> says they are "free".

The new floss licensing conditions are stated there (GPLv3 + FE)

I think upstream slapped this page on the whole site some time in the
past rather than trying to hunt down every other legal statement on the
web site. Of course, it's always better to ask for confirmation if you
have any doubt on a particular font.


Nicolas Mailhot

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