Proposal for some changes for Chinese Fonts in Fedora 13.

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Hi all,
  Currently we are considering to improve Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese support. And part of these changes is some changes on fonts. We create a bug report to notify the WenQuanYi font upstream(Qianqian Fang), and he gives some other suggestions. (See also:
  As suggested by Jens Petersen, we did a survey on #fedora-zh channel and fedora-cn goolge groups. (See here:, in Chinese.)
  Here are the summary of the discussion:
  Result: most users have agreed the following changes:
  In Chinese locale, "WenQuanYi ZenHei" font will be default Sans font, "UKai" font will be default Serif  fonts, "WenQuanYi ZenHei Mono" will be default Monospace.
  According to some explanation by kaio, some Traditional characters have different styles between TC style fonts and SC style fonts. If user choose sans or serif for desktop font, it will show the text with the consistent writing style which he wants after applying this change.(See also:
  Please review the proposal.
  Peng Wu
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