Re: Weird behaviour: o is mis-rendered when a j is near

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Hi Nicolas,
sorry for my late reply.

Am Donnerstag, den 18.02.2010, 10:43 +0100 schrieb Nicolas Mailhot:
> No answer so I guess no one has any bright ideas (would have been nice). Your
> problem looks like low-level, so filling freetype/pango bugs is probably the
> only solution (if you're real unlucky this is hardware-specific and tied to
> your xorg gfx driver).
Well, at least you answered, thanks. ;)
I'm running a nvidia onboard chip[1] with current nouveau drivers, maybe
that information is useful. I'm also willing to try out another driver
(maybe also the propietary nvidia one from if that could

> BTW: the bugs mailing list accepts mail from all the bugzillas that matter, so
> whenever you find a problem that affects Fedora fonts handling, just add the
> bugs list in CC and people here will be informed of the problem. Though so far
> it has mostly been useful in helping people identify duplicates, rather than
> recruiting developers to fix problems :(
Okay, nice to know. Thanks for pointing this out. :)


[1] Output of lspci: 00:0d.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia
Corporation Device 03d6 (rev a2)

Dominic Hopf <dmaphy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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