Re: fontconfig priorities for non-LGC fonts

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Le lundi 15 février 2010 à 02:44 -0500, Jens Petersen a écrit :

> This seems to largely make it impossible to override "nonlatin" fonts sometimes in fedora.

OTOH, this also make it very hard for a CJK font to mess with latin
font. I'm pretty sure this is the main reason latin and non-latin were
separated in upstream fontconfig. So, while I agree the current
situation is a dead-end, lifting constrains and hoping for people to
deal with it is likely to result in more problems. Someone needs to
write new sanity rules that can replace the current ones (hopefully, for
more than a few years)

> ps Overall 50-69 seems quite a narrow space for the range of fonts we have on hand now.

From the few experiments I made, fontconfig does not actually sort on
the two first digits. It sorts on the full filename. So 65-0-foo will
probably sort before 65-nonlatin.conf

Nicolas Mailhot

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