Epigrafica and Breip fonts are no longer in progress

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I've been going through the fonts that are marked as in progress for
packaging in the wiki and comparing them to review requests in Bugzilla.

To track what I was doing, I've made a table here:


(yeah, too lazy to even make a sub-page!)

Of the older packages that were being reviewed, Epigrafica and Breip
stalled quickly, after a first attempt at packaging by someone. I've
emailed him this evening, and he has confirmed that he won't be correcting
the work done so far.

So, two things:

1. Breip and Epigrafica are back on the wishlist. Spot also started
packaging Epigrafica, but stopped when he realised someone else was doing

2. As a newbie myself, I don't know how the review requests for these two
should be closed, or who can do it, but it needs doing.

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