Weird behaviour: o is mis-rendered when a j is near

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Hi all,
a few weeks ago I discovered a bit weird behaviour with settings of
96dpi and a font-size of 8pt. Using a sans-serif font, e.g. DejaVu Sans
the o is not rendered correctly in some words, in special "Projekt" or
"projects", thus every time when a j is near.

I'm running a Fedora 12 installation (from XFCE spin if that matters)
with current updates. Please let me know if you're missing any
additional information.

I've reported this issue before to the GNOME Bugzilla [1], since I
assumed it may be a pango issue, but as Behdad wrote there it's maybe
not. Anyway, there are screenshots of different occurrences available:

[2] Geany menubar
[3] directory listing in Thunar
[4] gedit
[5] gedit
[6] pango-view

Behdad pointed me to the freetype mailing list before, there is a bit
discussion you might also want to have a look at available on [7].

I don't know if this maybe also occurs on other distributions, so it may
could be a Fedora specific issue. - That's why I'm letting you know by
this mail.

Maybe someone of you has an idea what could be wrong.

Thanks very much in advance for your support!

Best Regards,


Dominic Hopf <dmaphy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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