Re: fontconfig priorities for non-LGC fonts

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On 02/17/2010 04:41 AM, Jens Petersen wrote:
> ----- "Jens Petersen" <petersen@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> upstream's 65-nonlatin.conf is at the front of the 65-69 block.
>> This seems to largely make it impossible to override "nonlatin" fonts
>> sometimes in fedora.
> If we could at least move 65-nonlatin.conf to say 67 (or 69 even?) for F13
> that would allow us to keep wqy-zenhei-fonts as a default
> Chinese font otherwise we have to revert to cjkuni before f13 Beta.

You can use for example "65-0-something.conf".  That will sort before
'65-nonlatin'.  You can start a separate two-digit numbering under 65:


> Jens
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