Re: Epigrafica and Breip fonts are no longer in progress

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Le Jeu 18 février 2010 00:49, Paul Flo Williams a écrit :
> I've been going through the fonts that are marked as in progress for
> packaging in the wiki and comparing them to review requests in Bugzilla.

Thanks a lot for doing this, it's a thankless task, I did it several times but
have too many other things to do nowadays.

> So, two things:
> 1. Breip and Epigrafica are back on the wishlist. Spot also started
> packaging Epigrafica, but stopped when he realised someone else was doing
> it.

Anyone is welcome to pick it up from there, it's always a pity to see review
time wasted.

> 2. As a newbie myself, I don't know how the review requests for these two
> should be closed, or who can do it, but it needs doing.

IIRC you need to be in a special FAS account to change bug status. If you
intend to do such cleanups regularly, you can request membership (ask the
bugzappers team how to do it)

But, anyway, the Fonts SIG is chronically understaffed, feel free to try to
fix all the problems you see, as long as you post what you did there so people
can correct you if needed that's perfectly fine. As you'll see quickly the
problem is not to do a lot once, but to do a little regularly over a long
period. The second is what the SIG regularly need, but it's a lot harder to
maintain commitment this way.

Nicolas Mailhot

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