Re: Proposal for some changes for Chinese Fonts in Fedora 13.

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On 03/09/2010 11:54 PM, Peng Wu wrote:
Hi all,
  Currently we are considering to improve Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese support. And part of these changes is some changes on fonts. We create a bug report to notify the WenQuanYi font upstream(Qianqian Fang), and he gives some other suggestions. (See also:
  As suggested by Jens Petersen, we did a survey on #fedora-zh channel and fedora-cn goolge groups. (See here:, in Chinese.)
  Here are the summary of the discussion:
  Result: most users have agreed the following changes:
  In Chinese locale, "WenQuanYi ZenHei" font will be default Sans font, "UKai" font will be default Serif  fonts, "WenQuanYi ZenHei Mono" will be default Monospace.

strictly speaking, "Kai" is not a serif style; it is a brush style,
rather closer to "cursive"; additionally, because in Kai style, most
outlines are not parallel to x/y axes, after AA, the glyph will look
blurrier than those do.

I still believe UMing (song-style) is the better choice for serif. I
suggest you waiting for a few more days and collect more inputs. kaio
seemed to be the only user supported UKai.
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