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1. the way decided it would be a good idea to have them
share codepoints ("Han unification"),
Using unified code points to represent Han glyphs is nothing wrong,
the only issue is the current fonts and fontconfig are not capable
of distinguishing the z-variants, as Unicode consortium proposed.

so CJK packagers compete with each other to make their pet font the default
I think it is quite the opposite: this happens most often when people
are trying to read CJK text under non-CJK locales. Pango does not assume
language preference, and it falls into a mixed situation where both the
context language and the fall-back font sequence in fontconfig (likely
65-nonlatin) play together to determine the font to select, and the results are
messy. It would have been better if one of the Han variants is the default
when this happens, for example, the one that covers the most unicode code
points, at least, all the characters will have uniform font styles, rather
than the mosaics from many CJK fonts.

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