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> Chinese, Korean and Japanese fonts are an old source of pain for font
> packagers, due to:

... CJK information processing being very hard to do correctly. See
Ken Lunde's amazing 900-page tome, "CJKV Information Processing",
which recently appeared in its second edition:

> 1. the way decided it would be a good idea to have them
> share codepoints ("Han unification"), so CJK packagers compete with each
> other to make their pet font the default

I can't relate these two. By the same reasoning, Fraktur fonts would
compete with modern Latin fonts, Urdu fonts would compete with Arabic
fonts, and Hindi fonts would compete with Marathi fonts.

Font packagers competing with each other in pushing their fonts is not
acceptable either. If that doesn't stop, we should perhaps centralize
our fontconfig configuration files to avoid such fontconfig wars.

On a separate note, it wasn't who decided to unify Han
characters. It was a consensus effort, supported by various national
standardization bodies, including those of China, Japan, and Korea.
Please don't spread FUD ;-) You can read about the actual history of
Han Unification here:


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