Re: Problem : japanese-fonts (vlgothic-fonts-20090204-2.fc10)

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I think the particular problem here under F10 is

----- "Qianqian Fang" <fangqq@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I think it is quite the opposite: this happens most often when people
> are trying to read CJK text under non-CJK locales. Pango does not
> assume
> language preference, and it falls into a mixed situation where both
> the
> context language and the fall-back font sequence in fontconfig
> (likely
> 65-nonlatin) play together to determine the font to select, and the 
> results are
> messy. It would have been better if one of the Han variants is the
> default
> when this happens, for example, the one that covers the most unicode
> code
> points, at least, all the characters will have uniform font styles,
> rather
> than the mosaics from many CJK fonts.

Hmm, maybe we should define PANGO_LANGUAGE for non CJK locale, but to which value.  Well guess most points would be zh? ;)


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