Re: Problem : japanese-fonts (vlgothic-fonts-20090204-2.fc10)

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Le Mar 24 février 2009 05:39, Roozbeh Pournader a écrit :

> I can't relate these two. By the same reasoning, Fraktur fonts would
> compete with modern Latin fonts, Urdu fonts would compete with Arabic
> fonts, and Hindi fonts would compete with Marathi fonts.

I suspect the only reason that does not happen is we have a lot more
CJK packages than Arabic packages (and no Fraktur packages that I know

> Font packagers competing with each other in pushing their fonts is not
> acceptable either. If that doesn't stop, we should perhaps centralize
> our fontconfig configuration files to avoid such fontconfig wars.

It's not really a centralizing problem. If we had a clear "official"
clean way to write fontconfig cjk rules I'd happily crack down on
packagers not using them. Right now we haven't really, so I refrain.
Nevertheless CJK fonts easily account for 80% of our reported font

It would be nice if our intended priorities and fontconfig settings
for CJK fonts were documented somewhere (for every concerned locale).
Then I could pester Behdad so he tells us how to achieve them cleanly.
Right now, I'm not even sure this is clear to anyone but the concerned
packagers. And every time I open a CJK fontconfig file I see magic of
the blackest sort.


Nicolas Mailhot

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