Re: new CAC breaks libcoolkey

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Robert Relyea writes:
 > There are patches in Fedora, and they are checked into the upstream
 > coolkey respository, but there has not been a coolkey release yet
 > (there's a few more fixes pending there).

Yes, what I have so far is not completely robust against multiple
insertions and removals of the card. Are there more fixes than
those seen in CVS?

 > Once upstream releases, I don't know how long Gentoo and Ubuntu will
 > wait to get it.
 > (or if they are willing to pick up patches that have been checked into
 > the upstream tree).

While waiting for a more obvious release, I went ahead and grabbed
the coolkey-1.1.0-17.fc15.src.rpm bits and updated the Debian packaging.

Expect a coolkey 1.1.0-7 version to appear in Debian's experimental

The packaging bits are at in pkg-coolkey.

Some i386 and amd64 coolkey .debs and source are available via
for those interested in testing and sending me feedback.

Good luck,

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