Re: new CAC breaks libcoolkey

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On 09/15/2010 11:45 PM, Steve Arnold wrote:
> Hello,
> Apparently my new CAC (as of two weeks ago) breaks libcoolkey,
> where everything worked fine in both Gentoo and Ubuntu with my
> previous CAC.
There are patches in Fedora, and they are checked into the upstream
coolkey respository, but there has not been a coolkey release yet
(there's a few more fixes pending there).
> The reader and card are still seen by pcsc_scan, and everything
> appears normal, however, when I add the module in Firefox the
> buttons stay disabled and a can't log into the card with my pin
> anymore.  If I browse to a CAC-enabled web site, it never brings up
> the dialog for my pin.
> Any updates planned or is there some other workaround?
Once upstream releases, I don't know how long Gentoo and Ubuntu will
wait to get it.
(or if they are willing to pick up patches that have been checked into
the upstream tree).

> Thanks in advance, Steve Arnold

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