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On Oct 14, 2007, at 11:07 PM, John H. wrote:

The problem is, I am not sure if it's being used or not.  In firefox,
I go to and it prompts me for my pin via
coolkey, then user/password, then I check my OWA account.

Am I to assume from this that your OWA deployment is not accepting PKI authentication? If so, then you're not really gaining anything with the smartcard.

I have OWA access set up in Evolution and use it for a regular OWA
account, however, I wanted to use this .gov account, but when I tell
evolution to authenticate and give it the correct user/pass, it says
invalid username/password.  Is this evolution that is at fault or
coolkey?  Why would it work in firefox?

Likely because Evolution doesn't understand SSL client authentication. At all. Even with IMAPS, so far as I can tell.

If it's working in FF but not in Evolution that's a pretty solid indication that the problem is Evolution.

-- Tim

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