coolkey and evolution

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I need to use coolkey with evolution so I can check an OWA account.
It works fine in firefox with coolkey.

However, I followed the instructions here...

At the bottom it says...
modutil -add "Coolkey" -libfile /usr/lib/pkcs11/
-dbdir .evolution

I do that and I get this, on my f7 machine:

 modutil -add "Coolkey" -libfile /usr/lib/pkcs11/
-dbdir .evolution

WARNING: Performing this operation while the browser is running could cause
corruption of your security databases. If the browser is currently running,
you should exit browser before continuing this operation. Type
'q <enter>' to abort, or <enter> to continue:

Using database directory .evolution...
ERROR: Failed to add module "Coolkey".

what to do?

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