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Bob Relyea writes:
 > John H. wrote:
 > > Can anyone tell me how to use cac readers w/coolkey w/evolution?
 > Sigh, I think there are password prompting bugs in evolution (my guess 
 > is that is is trying to cache your password, and doing so badly, but I 
 > haven't had a chance to spend any time looking at it).

Seems to be trouble in selecting which certificate of the set on the token
to use.

 > If there weren't, you can use the NSS modultil command to insert your 
 > token into evolutions secmod.db:
 > modutil -add "Coolkey" -libfile "" -dbdir {path your your 
 > evolition directory with secomd.db}

Hey, thanks for the clues today about modutil, certutil and other NSS things
in the Debian package libnss3-tools.

 > If you get that to work, let me know. Thanks.

So `modutil -add "Coolkey" -libfile /usr/lib/pkcs11/ -dbdir .evolution`
from my home directory did the right thing.

Alas, even though the security tab of the Evolution Preferences - Account Editor
has selectors for Signing Certificate and Encryption certificate, it doesn't
seem to honor the selection. With the Common Access Card, Evolution picks the
wrong one when signing. Evolution is happy to present a "Valid signature" declaration
when displaying the message, but other email clients give the valid digital
signature, but still unsure of sender identity indication (the icon with the question

That's with Debian's evolution 2.6.3-3 version, YMMV.


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