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On Tue, 2016-05-24 at 13:57 -0500, Jason L Tibbitts III wrote:
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> > > > > > "BW" == Bruno Wolff <bruno@xxxxxxxx> writes:
> BW> I didn't expect anaconda to benefit that much from github's
> network
> BW> effects. But given that it is, that would make Pagure hard to
> BW> consider soon. The hosting service (as opposed to code) requires
> BW> accounts which would be a barrier to entry for the many people
> that
> BW> have github accounts but not FAS accounts.
> There has been talk of changing this.  I know it was being worked on
> (by
> puiterwijk) but I don't know the status.  Allowing multiple auth
> providers brings up a few issues (you have to namespace users) but I
> think there was a plan for dealing with that.
> Anyway, if there's something that you need and pagure doesn't offer,
> I
> would suggest you make the pagure developers aware of that.
While this is a bit off-topic, but still related to Pagure:

I've heard there have been plans to use Pagure to host the Fedora dist
git repos, with the aim of enabling pull requests for packages.

IIRC the idea was to make packaging improvements and fixes easier.
You would not need to pester individual maintainers via email/IRC
anymore - just fire away a pull requests like with normal pull-request
It could also possibly help ameliorate the "someone-touched-my-package" 
friction that sometimes shows up when proven packages modify other
peoples packages.

As I find this to be a very interesting idea I just wanted to ask how
this is coming along when there are Pagure People in the thread. :)
> BW> (And I wouldn't expect Github to ever help out by becoming an
> BW> identity provider that Pagure could rely on in addition to FAS.)
> Github supports oauth2; that should be enough, I think.
>  - J<
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