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>>>>> "BW" == Bruno Wolff <bruno@xxxxxxxx> writes:

BW> I didn't expect anaconda to benefit that much from github's network
BW> effects. But given that it is, that would make Pagure hard to
BW> consider soon. The hosting service (as opposed to code) requires FAS
BW> accounts which would be a barrier to entry for the many people that
BW> have github accounts but not FAS accounts.

There has been talk of changing this.  I know it was being worked on (by
puiterwijk) but I don't know the status.  Allowing multiple auth
providers brings up a few issues (you have to namespace users) but I
think there was a plan for dealing with that.

Anyway, if there's something that you need and pagure doesn't offer, I
would suggest you make the pagure developers aware of that.

BW> (And I wouldn't expect Github to ever help out by becoming an
BW> identity provider that Pagure could rely on in addition to FAS.)

Github supports oauth2; that should be enough, I think.

 - J<

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