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> From: "Samantha N. Bueno" <sbueno+anaconda@xxxxxxxxxx>
> To: anaconda-devel-list@xxxxxxxxxx
> Sent: Monday, May 23, 2016 4:08:50 PM
> Subject: anaconda-patches mailing list
> I'd like to see what are everyone's thoughts on decommissioning
> anaconda-patches list. Now that we've moved to GitHub, it's pretty much
> obsolete, and I think decommissioning it could be beneficial:
> (a) (Way) less email overall.
> (b) The GitHub email script that we have was originally created with the
> intent of preserving the posted patches + discussions forever in
> history, but the patches are not actually included in any emails.
That's weird - I can see the patch content of pull requests & it seems to also be in the archive.
for example: 
> Additionally, unless someone makes an in-line comment in the patch,
> there usually is no context provided in responses. So, the emails don't
> contain a lot of value.
Yeah, it really is kinda on-directional anyway due to the need to reply on GitHub.
> (c) It's a good way to force all the stragglers (e.g. myself) to migrate
> their workflow to GitHub and have everyone working the same way.
> (d) As a benefit of (c), less confusion for new contributors, concerning
> how to post a patch, etc.
Certainly! Only possible issue from the community/contributor perspective could be
that there are some people who don't use or don't want to use GitHub, for various reasons.
On the other hand I don't think we really got any such contributions recently &
we could use the devel list for that if needed.

> I know we can disassociate the webhook email forwarder from GitHub
> pretty easily. Concerning the list itself though, if there's a way to
> effectively "close it for business" but leave its contents forever
> available for perusal, I think that might be ideal.
It is running on the Fedora infrastructure, so I guess the contacting the
Infra people might be a way to go:

> Anyway, thoughts?
Yeah, why not. :) Just some remarks above.
> Samantha
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