How to support disabling of activation of first kickstart network command?

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For compatibility with RHEL 6, and kickstarts out there, we always activate the device of the first network command in installer environment (we are assuming --activate option). The problem is that there is no way to turn this default off.

There are BZs appearing that hit this limitation [2]. The use case is:
- configure a device for installation in dracut stage (to fetch kickstart, or perhaps even the payload) - via boot options
- use another configuration of the device for target system - via kickstart

Activating the target system configuration in installer (after switchroot) can result for example in unreachable source, disconnected/stalled nfs mount of installer image, ...

I can see three options to support such use cases:

1) A workaround: use dummy first network command with non-existing device. Anaconda will just ignore it:

network --device=NONE
network --device=ens3 --ipv6=2001::1/64 --gateway=2001::2 --noipv4

Or in case hostname is configured, use this as first network command

network --device=NONE
network --device=ens3 --ipv6=2001::1/64 --gateway=2001::2 --noipv4

... well, it is just an ugly workaround

2) Change the behaviour - treat the first network command same as other

network --device=ens3 --ipv6=2001::1/64 --gateway=2001::2 --noipv4

... I am afraid we can't afford such a change with respect to users already relying on current behaviour.IIRC

3) New network kickstart command option --donotactivate with lower priority than --activate. Which means it would effectively apply only to the first network command, for other commands it is the default.

network --device=ens3 --ipv6=2001::1/64 --gateway=2001::2 --noipv4 --donotactivate

... does not seem very elegant

In my opinion, for RHEL 7 (and maybe even for master) we should go with 3)

What do you think?


[1] or reactivate it with kickstart configuration in case it has been already activated in dracut [2]

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