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On 26/02/16 19:56, Martin Kolman wrote:
Also I wonder how frequent this case would actually be - how would you
actually get a disk that is partially used, but has significant
unallocated space ?

Those with partially allocated disks, before starting Anaconda, would have most likely already used:

- GParted from a Fedora Live boot (IIRC, it needs to be dnf installed over the network, but still works) - a special boot-into utility like a GParted boot live disk, Partition Magic, or OS X rescue before booting Fedora

Using one of the tools above, the person would have previously adjusted partitions to make space for Fedora. (All of these tools allows for someone to resize and remove partitions — such as old Linux installs, unused data directories, etc.)

It certainly wouldn't be something as common as a full drive — or probably not even as likely as a completely empty disk (from the factory or after upgrading to larger+faster disk/SSD), but it's a common enough workflow.

Last time I tried installing Fedora on an old Mac, I seem to remember having to resize in the OS X rescue partition — IIRC, Anaconda didn't support resizing OS X at the time. This might have changed since, but I'm uncertain if it has. So, I certainly did have to go the route of using an external (to Fedora) tool to resize partitions to make space.

I can only think of people creating such a layout themselves to use/try
multiple Linux distros or other operating systems. I'm not sure if
there would be very many of those & if they would need a simplified
partitioning screen given their apparent ability to create custom
storage layouts.

Not everyone installing Linux necessarily has an ability to understand storage layouts. (In fact, I'd suggest that most do not — and some might just know enough to install. Sure, some learn by necessity, but knowing all about disks, partitions, storage pools, and such should not stop someone from using Linux.)


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