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On 25/02/16 16:06, David Lehman wrote:
Right. Just about any time you make an assumption to significantly
simplify storage you're going to be wrong. Sad but true.

Yeah, it's not possible to cover every case all the time and do so in an easily understandable manner for most things... but especially something as complicated as storage.

With regard to Workstation partitioning, however, I'm confident that we can make life nicer for at least 80% - 90% of the people using Anaconda. That's one of the goals of this effort, at least.

For the other 10 - 20% of people installing Workstation who really do want to specify everything, they will still have a similar/familiar advanced interface to do so. The difference is that we won't drive everyone into the advanced partitioner (and force them to even understand partitioning or complicate storage things they *could* possibly do).

There are three main cases for Workstation installs:
1. Empty disk(s). It's obvious what to do here... Have a predefined recommended partition layout and use that. Advanced partitioning spoke can, of course, still be selected from the Hub screen for fine-tuning or completely different layouts. 2. Disk(s) with data, with more than enough room for Fedora. Same as #1, except existing data will not be wiped out. 3. Disk(s) with data, but not enough room. This is where the simple partitioning screen shows up. There's a path through the advanced paritioning tool as an action on this screen (and you can also get back from the Hub screen).

So: 1 & 2 (enough space due to empty disk or pre-partitioned disk) will be pre-configured by default. 3 will show the resize screen (which has options to go to the advanced installer or erase and use the entire disk, in addition to resizing).

It does get a little more complicated when there are multiple (non-USB / non-SDcard) storage devices on the system; I have some ideas and will work on mockups to handle that soon.

Partitioning on a Server install is a different beast, of course. We're not there yet; the first step is mainly simplifying Workstation. I'm not sure how much simplification (if any) can happen on a Server install.


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