Re: update on Wayland and the installer

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On Thursday, February 25, 2016, 11:01:26 AM, David Shea wrote:
> Summary: don't do anything.

> Wayland by default is a goal for F24 Workstation 
> (, and if all 
> goes right, then the Workstation live installer will be running on 
> Wayland. We don't need to do anything for that to happen. We should keep
> an eye out for anything that might be going weird with anaconda running
> on Wayland (any of the places where we use Gdk functions directly 
> deserve a look), but that's it.

> For non-live media, the consensus is to just leave things the way they
> are for F24. X is not going away, and X is still necessary as a fallback
> for certain cases, so for boot.iso/netinst just keep using X. We can 
> give this a closer look post-F24. If we do decide to switch to Wayland
> post-F24, that would mean at the least swapping out metacity for 
> gnome-shell running in kiosk mode (like how gnome-initial-setup runs).

A number of the desktops (such as Mate) are often used for systems
with older video that is not supported by Gnome3.  For those, the
simpler solution of X11 may be the only workable one.


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