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Hi all,

It was great to meet many of you while visiting the Brno office earlier this month!

Also, hi to all of you also that I didn't see this month, including some of you I already know from a long, long time ago. (:

For those who don't know me, short bio (feel free to skip): I'm a designer in the free software world (since 1996 — time flies!), and I like to work with others to help improve software interaction and aesthetics. I have a strong computer background (CS in Uni; local computer expert well before that) and have done a bunch of stuff in the community for the past few decades. You most likely know/use a few projects I started and have been involved with and might even use a photograph I snapped as wallpaper too… but anyway, back to the real subject…

Here's a link to the mockup I have been working on:
(Most browsers will force you to click to zoom. Alternatively, you can wget/curl/save-as the file and open it in an image viewer and pan around at 1:1 for better viewing.)

I refined it a few times with input from several people, including Máirín. (Her comments are in the mockup in a pinkish-purple color, as we're having a discussion in the mockup itself, to try to figure out how to possibly best do certain things.)

The main purpose behind the mockup is to optimize Anaconda for both the Workstation and Server "flavors" of Fedora (and RHEL and CentOS). The mockup itself is focusing mainly on Workstation first, so not everything you see will apply to Server, and some server-specific things are deliberately omitted from Workstation. (The already-ongoing modularization efforts should really help with the differentiation between Workstation and Server too, of course.)

Naturally, this is just the start — the mockups are not meant to be concrete nor are they final — and they're missing a lot of details (mainly in screens not pictured yet and also in implied interactions based on the widgets). I'm looking forward to working with you all so that we can solidify the design and get the details defined together.

So, what do you think?

BTW: Source for the file is at in SVG (made with Inkscape). Warning: The repo is a bit messy, as it's a WIP design exploration ground. 😉


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