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On 02/24/2016 05:14 AM, Garrett LeSage wrote:
So, what do you think?

Some first impressions:

Having a case to go to the storage resize screen directly after the welcome screen feels to me like a return to the linear model. I get that Workstation wants to get rid of custom partitioning, but what about drive selection? Say a user has two hard drives and wants to install Fedora to one of them. I feel like this approach to storage simplifies things a step too far.

Turning spokes into dialogs does seem to fix the problem of not knowing where the Done button is (and I do like the idea of a Cancel button even if it'll be a pain to implement), but at the loss of a good bit of screen real estate. I don't want anaconda to go down the road of having completely different widget sets for workstation and server, and no matter how much we simplify storage for workstation, server is still going to have to configure iSCSI and multipath and split it all up into 47 different partitions, all at 800x600.

Do you think that the animations between screens helps any with the confusion of how to get out of any particular screen? They're new in F22 and not shown in live VMs for annoying technical reasons.

I don't think the comparisons with gnome-control-center are exactly fair. Anaconda has used the suggested-action button class since F21 to make the button more visible. That it now gets hidden as blue-on-blue is a misfortune of themeing that could be changed (as in the button color could be the changed, not necessarily the Fedora blue background). gnome-control-center does not set the style class on its back button and it's hidden up in the header bar, which has a bunch of other stuff going on.

The last screen with all the ad banners seems really crowded with ads. It makes me think of

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