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I am trying to install Mandrake 9.0.

Here is my specs:

ep-3vwm otherboard
via cyrix iii processor
32 mb ram
40 gb hdd
onboard sound
on board vt8601 via tech graphics.

i get to install packages and select them. I press install and it begins,
then it says:
"problem installing package
continue anyway?

Please can someone help me? I am a newbie to Linux and have not yet been
able to use a Linux system. I gave in on Debian too complicated! lol

nb,  i have tried the patch for via c 3's from mandrake web site and it
gives me this:

 I tried that this morning. For some reason I get to the install first
screen which tells me to press either f1 or enter.

after this it runs throu a search of my pc and freezes at the following
IDE 0 at 0x1F0-01F7, 0x3F6 on irq 14
IDE 0 at 0x1F0-01F7, 0x3F6 on irq 15

it will not let me any further. So i now cant eben get to install screens.
Any ideas?



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