Pb with ATI Radeon FireGL 7800 & RedHat 8.0 on IBM Thinkpad A31p

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I am an absolute beginner in the management of linux on my laptop, but I came to the conclusion that there might be a pb with the driver for my card.
First of all, incriminated objects are:
IBM A31p with ATI Radeon Mobility FireGL 7800
RedHat 8.0 (XFree86-4.2.0-72)

I have some problems with my C++ code using OpenGL. In particular, I cannot sometimes display all the objects in a 3d rendered scene.
Since it is difficult to explain it, I've put a picture of this rendering problem there: http://math.lbl.gov/~deschamp/pb_ibma31p_fireGL7800.jpg
Look at the parts of the display that are disappearing when I move the object.
Notice that it is refreshed when I drag another window over it.

Since I first suspected it was a pb of the program I am using (vtk at http://www.vtk.org), I've installed exactly the same configuration on my desktop. The only difference is it is an Nvidia card which comes with its special driver. Then on my desktop it works. Notice that it is usually the contrary. But not this time surprisingly.

I need some help in making this card work perfectly. Or I need to understand where is the bug.
Who can help?




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