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Boy oh boy!! I'd like to make some slight adjustments to Oisin's suggestions. While technically accurate, just a little off enough to confuse.

Point A: Ctrl+Alt+BS will drop you back to a console, from startx. Since our injured party says he/she cannot clearly see the login screen, we must assume a *dm, i.e.,k-x-gdm. From there, it will take a mess o' C-A-BS' to dump the *dm.

Point B: The inittab switch is different for Debian, the distro in question. Debian, last I checked, defaults to init 2 regardless of environment. meaning it doesnt have X in its own runlevel hogwash laid down by certain distros based on one sporting a brightly colored fedora.
This leaves two choices, either switch inittab to a runlevel without *dm, which I'm pretty sure doesn't exist in Debian, you can check them, I don't run Debian anymore, won't start a flamewar over why, but I don't, so I can't check it myself.

You're going to have do a update-rc.d -f *dm remove, to diable automtically booting into X. But hell, if all you want is a console, try Ctrl-Alt-F1-F6 and you should get it.

I know it was long and boring, but you could have just submitted your XFConfig-4 file, someone would have spotted your bad line, I'll bet:)
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