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I've been trying to modify my graphic resolution for
my monitor but I have been having some difficulty. I'm
new to Xfree86 so maybe this question is trivial. I'm
trying to set up a non standard video mode but I can't
even seem to get a basic setup that works.

First, I'm using Xfree86 4.2.0 under mandrake
I tried the configuration utilities and followed all
the steps. The config utils tell me that a new
XF86Config file was made. 

I'm not sure what config file Xfree86 is looking for.
Should the configuration parameters be in XF86Config
or XF86Config-4?

When I try to run the utility xf86cfg (graphical setup
utility)my mouse will not work (but it does work in
the line mode). The message states to use the numpad
for moving and using the cursor. Problem is that the
cursor moves but no zones can be selected (click
double click etc). 

Next, If I run the config utility X -configure, I get
a message that says I should run XFree86 -xf86config

When I run this command I get a X window displayed.
The mouse cursor does not move, CTRL ALT (num) + / -
do not work either. Ctrl Alt Backspace works fine.

I have a motherboard with the Intel I815 graphic chip
and a Princeton Ultra 17 + monitor. (after running the
config utils I can only get one video mode)I loaded
the agpgart.o module and verified that it is loaded
but it dosen't seem to matter.

So my first question is "What configuration Utility
Should I use? My second question: If I edit the config
file manually, what file should I make the chagnes to
(XF86Config or XF86Config-4 in /etc/X11)

When I run X -probeonly a log file is built and the
data states it is using the XF86Config-4 file. When I
examine the log file it shows several graphic modes
that are not being used Prefixed by (II) I810(0). I'm
trying to figure where these graphics modes are
attempted to beloaded.

My real purpose for modifying the config file is that
I have a project that requires the video mode to run
in 400x256x16bpp @ 15.750 Hz (horiz) and 50 - 60Hz
vert (using a I815 chipset).

I looked at several sites for some detaile dinfo
regarding the config files but all I find is  some
information that appears to be out of date (over 2
years old). Most of the info on Xfree86.org just seems
to briefly touch apon the subject but does not offer
much detail or example. Maybe I'm not loking in the
right places :(

If someone could help me with this I would really
appreciate it. I've been trying to get this to work
for the past 2 weeks with no progress. As you can tell
it is getting the best of me. My deadline is fast
approaching and I'm running out of time.

If you know of anyone that may have the correct
configuration for an i810 / 815 at 400 x 256 x 16
(bpp) I would really appreciate hearing how they got
it to work . 

Thanks so much for any information you can get to me.
Ed Suchocki

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