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On Tuesday 26 November 2002 03:47 am, a tiny voice in your head compelled you 
to type:
> I'm not sure what config file Xfree86 is looking for.
> Should the configuration parameters be in XF86Config
> or XF86Config-4?
> When I try to run the utility xf86cfg (graphical setup
> utility)my mouse will not work (but it does work in
> the line mode). The message states to use the numpad
> for moving and using the cursor. Problem is that the
> cursor moves but no zones can be selected (click
> double click etc).

 	Let' start you off here... You stated that you were using XFree86 4.2.0, so 
the proper config file is XF86Config-4. XF86Config is for XFree86-3.x.x 
should you need to revert. 
	The "zones" are selected with the space bar. (took me a while to figure that 
out, myself)

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