Radeon 9000 : working but !!!!

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Here my storie :
Recently I've moved to Mandrake 9.0, with my *old* radeon 7200, and evrythings was quite fine.
And then my card blow up ( well stop working), so I decide to change it for a Radeon 9000 : bad idea.

X didn't start, because of "no graphic card" !!!!, so I let Drakxconfig do is job, and he find a vesa card, ok, let go

well only 60 Hz at 1280x1024 since I use X mainly to write document, and java program : it hurt my poor eyes.

I've downlowded the lates repository of Xfree and make it ( make World, make isntall), force DrakeX to use a radeon, and then
everything is quit good ( 85Hz @1280X1024), I can work again ;-)

well, I havent much time to play with some gl things, but I would like to know, how can I make all gl  things to work fine (ie. no 100% cpu usage)


By the way, if someon know, how to make things work fine for radeon 9000 in a more easy way, just tell me, thanks

Emmanuel Reyre <emmanuel.reyre@wanadoo.fr>

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