Re: what linux distro for LPI?

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Hi, Marcus:

 Red Hat v7.3 is a good choice for a distribution,
however it will do much of the installation for you.

 IMHO, if you really want to learn linux,
try Slackware.  The 'current' version is 8.1.
Get the iso image titled "slackware-8.1-install.iso"
and burn it to a CD/R.  It creates a bootable CD-ROM
provided your motherboard supports booting from a CD.
Else, you can create two floppy disks with the 
included utilities to use to boot with.

HTH, Chuck

"Marcus Miller @ Mobile Fun" wrote:
> Hey all,
> I have been using Linux at work for about a year now and have decided
> it is time to improve my knowledge. I am about to start studying the
> LPI qualification and need to get myself a Linux box to work on at home.
> I have a Pentium-2 450 and need a Linux distro to set-up on this.
> I have decided to download redhat Linux 7.3 can anyone tell me any reason
> why this would not be a good idea or if there is a more suitable distro?

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