what linux distro for LPI?

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Hey all,

I have been using Linux at work for about a year now and have decided
it is time to improve my knowledge. I am about to start studying the
LPI qualification and need to get myself a Linux box to work on at home.

I have a Pentium-2 450 and need a Linux distro to set-up on this.

I have decided to download redhat Linux 7.3 can anyone tell me any reason
why this would not be a good idea or if there is a more suitable distro?

On top of that, I am a little confused about what I need to download from
the ftp site. There appear to be iso's and then a separate folder for 'OS'.
Also within these folders there are 2 disks for SRPMS (SRPMS-disk1.iso etc)
and 3 disks for i386. (i386-disc1.iso etc)

I assume I need the three i386 iso disks i386 meaning Intel 386 compatible?

I want to setup a basic Linux box running the command line eventually X.
I want to provide access via OpenSSH and run apache, php and mysql.

Is redhat 7.3 a good version for someone wanting to learn all of the inns
outs of Linux for server duties within an office environment and for a web

Thanks in advance for all answers.
Kind Regards
Marcus Miller


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