Re: what linux distro for LPI?

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On Monday 02 December 2002 06:19 am, a tiny voice in your head compelled you 
to type:
> On top of that, I am a little confused about what I need to download from
> the ftp site. There appear to be iso's and then a separate folder for 'OS'.
> Also within these folders there are 2 disks for SRPMS (SRPMS-disk1.iso etc)
> and 3 disks for i386. (i386-disc1.iso etc)
> I assume I need the three i386 iso disks i386 meaning Intel 386 compatible?
> I want to setup a basic Linux box running the command line eventually X.
> I want to provide access via OpenSSH and run apache, php and mysql.

	You will need only the 3 i386 disks to install the SRPM's are there for more 
advanced users who want to tailor make their applications.... Probably down 
the road for you, though I suppose you'll at least need to have some 
experience rebuilding packages from srpm for LPI..	
	With the 3 iso's you will be able to install a fully functional server 
system with or without XWindows. With KDE and Gnome, expect that you'll need 
1.8 to 2 Gigs of disk space for the install, probably half of that without X.
	All in all Red Hat is a good distro for you, excellent documentation, easily 
updatable, and a great users base of very active helpful folks.
	Lest I forget, I believe there may be a seperate documentation disk.... Not 
a bad thing to have on hand.
Regards, Ernie
100% Microsoft and Intel free

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